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Jacksonville, North Carolina, Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Tests

The heart and lungs are closely related and issues that affect one often affect the other. While a cardio test can diagnose heart problems and a pulmonary test can diagnose lung tests, special diagnostics are required to accurately identify problems that affect both. Onslow Medical Specialties Clinic offers cardio-pulmonary exercise testing to patients in Jacksonville City, North Carolina. 

This procedure typically entails having patients exercise on a treadmill while their breathing and heart rate are monitored. More specifically, the gas exchange that takes place in breathing is measured and analyzed. As patients exercise, rest and recover, the oxygen uptake, carbon dioxide and ventilation are recorded for advanced analysis that will be used in diagnosis. Other data typically gathered from the test include the following:

  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Work rate
  • Symptoms

We take all of this information into account when diagnosing the condition of each patient and forming a plan for treatment. No matter what cardio-pulmonary ailment you might be facing, we will partner with you to apply the most effective treatment and manage all of the symptoms affecting your life.

To determine the best treatment, it is essential to correctly diagnose the problem. Accurate diagnosis relies on advanced techniques such as the cardio-pulmonary exercise test and the video laryngoscopy offered at Onslow Medical Specialties Clinic. We serve military patients in Jacksonville City, North Carolina, area. To make an appointment with us, please call 910-455-9398.

Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Test