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Pulmonary Function Testing in Jacksonville City, North Carolina​

Pulmonary disorders such as COPD affect more than just your lungs. They impact your entire body and often limit its ability to function properly. As a result, you may be tired and lacking the energy you would normally have. A pulmonary function test can measure these and other symptoms that are indicative of a pulmonary disease. Onslow Medical Specialties Clinic offers diagnostic testing to patients in Jacksonville City, North Carolina. A PFT procedure typically includes the following steps:

  • Patient is seated in a body plethysmograph, which is a transparent box with varying pressure
  • Lung volume is measured while breathing is recorded through a mouthpiece
  • Varying breath patterns such as forced breath and rapid breathing are gauged

This test can diagnose various lung diseases. It is important that patients do not smoke or eat a heavy meal before the procedure, as these actions can significantly impact the results. Once a diagnosis has been made, we will work with you to find the best treatment option.

Offering Diagnosis and Treatment to Military Families

The lungs are a delicate system. When something goes wrong, you are likely to notice it in your ability to breathe or sleep. In order to treat the problem, however, you must first understand what it is. Onslow Medical Specialties Clinic offers pulmonary function test as well as cardio exercise test services to clients throughout the Jacksonville City, North Carolina, areas. Call 910-455-9398 to start taking care of your pulmonary health today.

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